Anti-Virus Information

The number of e-mail viruses is growing daily. It is imperative that every user now have some sort of
Anti-Virus protection program, whether it be the major Norton or McAfee Antivirus software or one
of the free anti-virus programs available for download on the Internet.

One of the best and STILL FREE anti-virus programs is AVG from Grisoft. Go to
to register and download this fine program, then install. It sports several very nice features, including e-mail
scanning and automatic updates.  Please keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Another issue that is causing grief for computer users is the increase of invasive Spyware or Trojans that can be
placed on your computer by certain web sites or even by reading the wrong e-mail (Spam). A great deal of this
aterial also comes in through IRC Chat sites and File- or Music-sharing download sites. There are four very
good programs, all with free versions, to combat this problem:

can be downloaded from Spybot Search & Destroy is available by
clicking on this link from , and SpywareBlaster  can be downloaded at this link:

Ccleaner is a very good hard drive cleanup utility that can be downloaded from Be
sure to download all programs, run them regularly, and keep them updated!

CLICK HERE for directions on running and updating the Anti-spyware programs. You can also download a
copy of more detailed instructions in MS Word format by clicking HERE.